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Consulting services

manuPLUS Consulting specialises in consultancy focussed around the JDA and Manugistics suite of application.

Our customers are existing users of  JDA and Manugistics applications who are looking to generate more benefits , optimise the applications , increase effiiciency , improve ways of working , upgrade to newer versions,  or simply looking to address existing issues and bugs.

We have the experience, proven techniques and inspiration to help your business build the best in the world capability around JDA and Manugistics.

A key our success is the total focus on just Manugistics and JDA specific services and we aim to be the best in the world with this focus. Our teams and Expert Network all have years (sometimes decades!) of Manugistics and JDA specific experience and have worked across the globe for Manugistics and JDA users in all indiatries and geographies.

These are some of the services we offer - it's by no means an exhaustive list, but it will give you some idea of the scope of what we do.


Our Focus

To know more about the specific Manugistics and JDA Applications and areas we focus on, please see this page for more details.


Solution Assesment

Solution Audit
Best Practice Assesment
Application HealthChecks
Data Quality Assesment
Legacy Impact  Audit

Solution Enhancement

Forecasting Accuracy Improvement
Exceptions Management Framework
Security Model Configuration
Batch Performance Optimization
VMI Configuration
New Functionality

Project Assistance

Solution Design
Scenario Modelling
Supported S&OP
Solution Documentation
Calender Setup
Safety Stock Modelling
Rules Setup

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