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Leveraging Existing IT investments

We understand that in todays world every client is under pressure to derive the maximum benefits from their existing investments , rather than invest in new solutions. our focus is always , to try and work within the current solution and tools without the need of any unnecessary upgrades or implementations.

Where there is a definite need of a major project, we will explore all options and delivery models to provide a cost effective option without compromising quality of work.

Engaging staff

What matters most for most of our clients , is that there is a smooth change management in the new solution . All our methodologies and practices focus on user adoption on the solution way past the project golive.

We believe in engaging front line staff in defining in all stages of the engagements and to take continuous feedback on the direction we are moving in. Most of our clients are surprised by the depth of understanding their staff display about what is important , what operational difficulties get in the way of solution delivery and what improvements can be made.


Configuring Solutions to Clients

We understand that each client has a unique solution even though they may be using the same standard Manugistics and JDA applications. What may be an excellent solution for one client may not work for another at all. Thats why its our focus to ensure that we explore and present all options and recommend the optimum solution configured to a clients environment and unique scenarios.

Transferring skills

We love being part of your organisation while we are working with you on a project. But the only way to make a permanent difference is to provide your people with the toolsets and knowledge to continue to improve . We often run train the trainer events, so that ownership of training programmes rests with our clients. We provide templates and industry specific best practice knowledgebase ..and we coach clients in our SUPERMANU framework to build their own centre of excellences. As far as possible we believe in transferring skills and knowledge so that your people are equipped to continueto  make improvents as a continuous process.

Measurable results

We believe in establishing success criteria at the outset. We are so confident our techniques will make a difference that we are prepared to be judged on our results, even to the extent of agreeing that part of our fee will be dependent on proven service improvement.

Personal commitment

We know that relationships matter, you can be sure that the consultants you meet will be the people who will work with you throughout the project. We are absolutely and totally committed to making every project a success.

Do call us on 0044 7786198839 to discuss what we could do for your business.