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manuPLUS Independent validation and Testing Services

Every Manugistics solution needs interfaces , and most clients have bespoke components , reports , customisation requirement during their implementations. In our experience 80% of the projects have faced issues and timeline overruns due to a lack of focus on the testing requiremnents during Manugistics Application implementations. Additionaly , a lack of focus on UI , Configuration and performance testing has caused issues at a later stage leading to non standard user practices , application availablity and response time.

manuPLUS testing services offers full range of  Testing Services focussed on independent validations during your Manugistics implementation / Upgrade, addressing the complexities of solutions and functional diversity across Manugistics user organizations.



manuPLUS Consulting provides following benefits through its Testing Services:
  • Reduction in project implementation time/ de-risking deadlines and cost of rework
  • Reducing manpower cost
  • Highly reusable repository of test artifacts
manuPLUS Testing services offer testing in various areas:
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • System Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Operational Acceptance Testing
  • Test Documentation and Script Development
  • Test Audits
  • Configuration Audits
  • Migration & Technology upgrade Testing

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To talk about how we can help you with focussed testing for your manugistics implementation  call us on 0044 7786198839