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JDA / Manugistics Upgrades

Many factors drive the need for an Manugistics upgrade or migration. Most of the cases being changing business needs or 'end of support' scenario. Many organizations also adopt a migration strategy to standardize their present IT systems into one coherent set which is more powerful and robust than the current running version. Some of the other reasons are-

  • Moving from Legacy to New Applications
  • Upgrading to new version of applications and the existing OS becomes unstable
  • Moving from Multiple Instance to Fewer Instances
  • Merger & Acquisition Integration
  • Legacy Retirement
  • Ease of Outsourcing Maintenance

manuPLUS offers a complete set of Manugistics / JDA Upgrade services as detailed in the map above. We are also happy to provide each of these as a separate service and help guide your internal teams on doing the upgrade thenselves.
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Tips for your Ver 6.x/7.x to Ver 8.x Manugistics Upgrade:


Ensure Data cleanliness. If your data isn't very clean, the migration will take longer. 7.x  has referential integrity at the database level

Evaluate Risk associated with any of your external scripts and interfaces to your legacy systems

Ensure Business Scenarios and User processes are recreated as there is a large change in the UI , Database Schema and ways of working

Evaluate your hardware and infrastructure needs in line with the new application version.

Evaluate need for UDC's and get rid of redundant data structures from the older solution



Tips for your Manu to SAP APO Migration


Define Manu Phaseout strategy and identify if any data archives need to be maintained. (for example to measure forecast accuracy betwwen Manu and APO)

Capture Business Scenarios that may need remodelling in APO

Do an assesment of Manu  Batch Schedule closure... Identify linkages to other legacy systems , reporting systems etc

Do an assesment to find out  data elements that need to be validated after recreation in APO with Manugistics.

Keep a parallel system running and in case of multisite phaseout define a strategy to have multi system operations