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Offshore Resourcing

manuPLUS has built a strong team of offshore technical resources which we use to povide technical services and faster time to delivery on our projects. We also offer these technical resources to clients as dedicated offshore contract resources. We are also ready to augment our teams with specialist skills on a need basis.


Where should you consider offshore resources?

  • Unit Testing script development and Test Execution
  • System Testing
  • Environment Setup
  • Documentation
  • Interface Development
  • Bespoke Module Development
  • Reporting Development
  • Issues Resolution and Application Support
  • Batch Support and Maintenence
  • Security Configuration and Maintainence
  • Database Migrations as part of upgrades
  • Peak Period Support
  • Temporary Interim Replacement for resource on vacation.

Our Offshore Skills Matrix





Staff Augmentation:

It takes time to recruit new personal, investment to train them, people to monitor them and more time to take them through the learning curve. All this is of course of of the question if you simply don't  have the budget or have a hiring freeze.

manuPLUS offshore staff augmentation will allow you to get thouse much required skills and staff , when you need it and still stay within your budgets

A team that will work exclusively for you as if they were your own, but without all the additional stress! Skilled and experienced personnel working on your project as priority. You also get to reduce your dependency on internal resources.


You reduce your cost because of economies of scale. Reduced recruitment costs, training costs, operating costs, infrastructure costs, capital investment… are just some of the benefits. You also gain because our expertise in Manugistics and JDA applications can help you save money and imrpove efficiency.