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manuPLUS  User Oriented Readymade Templates

manuPLUS provides readymade template packs and documentation for your users . All of these are standardised to best practice usage of the Manugistics / JDA suite of applications and we provide these for most versions of these applications. Many of these templates are related to rge Business Process , S&OP and standard supply chain practices as defined by APICS.

  • Day In Life Templates:manuPLUS Day in Life templates detail the daily user process for a Planner on manugistics / JDA applications.

  • KPI Template Pack: manuPLUS KPI Template packs provide preconfiguired templates for Key Performance Indicators and Reports.

  • Key User Template Pack:manuPLUS Key User template packs provide a detailed manual for Key Users on manugistics applications, cheat sheets , known issues and help.

  • BestPractice Pack: The bestpractice pack contains best practice documents around configuration , process , data structures ,integration  and workflowlug.


manuPLUS  Project Oriented Readymade Templates

manuPLUS provides templates and documentation to support your manugistics projects. In our experience we have found that upto 40% of a project time can be saved if predefined templates and readymade packs are used instead of trhe project team reinventing the wheel every time. Documentation is also an area which lacks in most project leading to loss of key knowledge..

  • Business Scenario Templates: manuPLUS provides Business Scenarios that  should be covered in a standard Manugistics / JDA solution and templates to implement them out of the box.

  • Batch Schedule Templates: manuPLUS provides batch schedule templates alongwith standard configurations of input output interfaces.

  • Security Configuration Template Pack:manuPLUS provides a standard configuration pack with detailed user profiles and templates that can be out of the box.

  • Case Studies Pack: This is a pack containing a treasure of case studies of global Manugistics / JDA users , and a overview of applications implemented by them.


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