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New Joinee

manuPLUS helps you in the whole process of integrating a New Joinee to your Manugistics Solution.. from Initial Induction  to making them fully confident on the system.

  • Skills Assesment and Training Needs Drafting: manuPLUS will do an initial assesment o draft out training needs and calender.

  • Training and Initial Induction: manuPLUS will provide training at the right level and configured to your company and team schedules. At the end the skills are reassesed and a Certificate provided.

  • Documentation and Dummies Manual: manuPLUS will provide the new joinees with training documentation and a Dummies Manual which they can refer back to any time.

Skills Reinforcement

manuPLUS recognizes that all users need skill reinforcement from time to time. We recommend an annual training of minimum one week for any user who directly works on the Manugistics Application. This refreshes the bestpractices , standard ways of working and builds their confidence.

  • Pilot Exercises: Pilot Exercises to give the users a real life feel of a complete business scenario.

  • Focussed Workshops: manuPLUS conducts focused manugistics workshops around specific functionalities using the clients own data.

  • Supply Chain Basic Packs: manuPLUS provides complete training packs around basics of supply chain for Users who are new to supply chain management.


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Building Organizational Knowledgebase

manuPLUS understands that most companies wopuld like to build an inhouse competence centre around their manugistics and JDA applications to capture their companies knowledge.

  • Customised Manuals: manuPLUS creates customised Application and Business Process Manuals around your Manugistics / JDA Solution.

  • Metrics Database: manuPLUS can help you setup a framework and Metrics database to identify , capture and benchmark key statistics and metrics from your Manugistics / JDA system .. archive and track it to measure business benefits and solution health.

  • Assisted Centre Of Excellence: manuPLUS can provide a dedicted team of resources to help you setup a internal Centre of Excellence which would control , standards , processes and templates around your manugistics solution.